Nonton Keanu (2016) FullMovie HD

Nonton Film Cinema Movies Terbaru Keanu (2016) Online Subtitel Indonesia | Watch Movies Keanu (2016) Online – Download Film Bioskop Keanu (2016) Full Movie 720P / 1080P HD Bluray Subtitel Indo Gratis | Nonton Film Cinema Bioskop 21 Keanu (2016) Online.

Synopsis : Keanu (2016) Movie :

Rell’s life is changed forever when a cute kitten comes to his door, and he names it Keanu. Unfortunately, one weekend later, Keanu is abducted by persons unknown. Now Rell and his cousin, Clarence, are men on a mission to find Keanu against the odds. Unfortunately, those odds prove to be perilously high as they find Keanu in the care of the ruthless gangster, Cheddar, and he will only part with him for a price. Now for that cute kitten, these two middle class bumblers find themselves neck deep in a dangerous alien world of drugs and gang violence with only their desperate audacity, creativity and sheer dumb luck giving them a chance to survive.

Detail : Keanu (2016) Movie :

Genre: Comedy
Release: 9 June 2016
Directors: Peter Atencio
Stars: Keegan Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Tiffany Haddish

Nonton Keanu (2016) FullMovie HD

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